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Hotel City the marketplace for fan Experiences. Specializing in the world's biggest sport Hotel City provides fans access to "Hard to Get Fan Ticket Packages. Hotel City also allows stakeholders such as sports teams, organizing committees, sponsorship partners, hospitality companies, and sports and event tour operators to list and sell unused hotel
<h2>Hotel City the marketplace for fan Experiences.</h2><p>Specializing in the world's biggest sport Hotel City provides fans access to "Hard to Get Fan Ticket Packages. Hotel City also allows stakeholders such as sports teams, organizing committees, sponsorship partners, hospitality companies, and sports and event tour operators to list and sell unused hotel inventory to on the secondary market. From single night stays for the&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/uefa-euro-2020" target="_blank">2020 UEFA EURO</a>&nbsp;to stays that last the entire month of the <a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-fifa-world-cup-qatar-hotels">2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar</a>, you will be able to find accommodations that vary from VIP Suites to budget hotel rooms on HotelCity.com.</p><h2>Hotel City the marketplace for 2022 fifa world cup hotel accommodations and tickets<br></h2><p>Finding fan travel ticket packages for football's biggest events and clubs from authorized agents is near impossible. Hotel City is the largest fan ticket and travel provider in the world. </p><p>Also, the concept of hotel rooms being "sold out" for these events is a myth. Every major event has premium and affordable accommodations that go empty due to cancellations and no-shows. These empty rooms cost the teams, sponsors, and tour operators money. Hotels suffer because of an empty hotel room does not create food and beverage revenue, as well as ancillary services.&nbsp;</p><p>Hotel City allows this inventory to be listed and sold to the super fans and the general public. Sports tour operators, organizing committees, and sponsors maximize their return on investment. Hotels maximize their profits. And most of all, the accommodations are enjoyed by fans and bring a better experience to the special event. With Hotel City, everybody is a champion!</p><p>Fans worldwide love football, otherwise known in the USA as soccer. Some will say football is a religion, we agree!&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/">HotelCity.com</a>&nbsp;is the destination for every major football event in the world. If it is going to be hard to get accommodations, check with Hotel City or get on our advance alert notification list.&nbsp;</p><p>The schedule of <b>major events in 2021</b>&nbsp;is going to provide the world with some action-packed sporting events:</p><h2>2024 Conmebol Copa America</h2><p>The biggest competition of South American football will finally return with fans to Columbia and Argentina in 2024. These two countries will host the&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-copa-america-hotels">2021 COPA America</a>&nbsp;from June 11, 2024, to July 11, 2024. It is the first time in the history of the Copa America that two countries will co-host the tournament. Now, not only is the Copa America one of the most exciting sporting events in South America, but the matches are being held in some of the most romantic and exciting cities of the region.&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-copa-america-hotels/buenos-aires-hotels">Buenos Aries</a>,&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-copa-america-hotels/cordoba-hotels">Cordoba</a>, and&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-copa-america-hotels/mendoza-hotels">Mendoza</a>&nbsp;are among the host cities in Argentina. In Columbia, an up and coming tourist hotspot to the world, you will find matches in&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-copa-america-hotels/medellin-hotels">Medellin</a>,&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-copa-america-hotels/bogota-hotels">Bogota</a>, and&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-copa-america-hotels/cali-hotels">Cali</a>! These fantastic cities will be flooded with fans from all over South America and the world to witness the 2021 Copa America. Hotel City will offer an extensive inventory of hotels in every city and every accommodation category to make sure every fan has an option to attend the match with their favorite team.&nbsp;<br></p><h2>UEFA Champions League Final 2022</h2><p>The&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-uefa-champions-league-final-istanbul-hotels">UEFA Champions League Final</a>&nbsp;will be held in Paris France. Hotel rooms are already in high demand as this match will bring the top two teams to battle in an incredible venue and historic city. As your favorite team progresses through the competition, be sure to book your accommodations with Hotel City. If your favorite football team is defeated in the group stage or semi-finals, you can list your rooms with&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/">HotelCity.com</a>&nbsp;and recover your travel investment.&nbsp;</p><h2>Hong Kong Sevens</h2><p>November, 2022, Hong Kong SAR, China will host the premier tournament on the World Rugby Sevens Series competition.&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-hong-kong-sevens-hotels">The Hong Kong Sevens</a>&nbsp;is the event to see twenty-four nations gather and compete at Hong Kong Stadium over a three-day competition. If you are not a rugby fan or you are a diehard rugby enthusiast, you cannot miss the international party of the year in Hong Kong. As usual, with fans from all over the world converging on the small area of Hong Kong, hotels are going to be hard, if not impossible, to find through regular channels. Hotel City will have hotel availability on Hong Kong island near party central, Lang Kwai Fung, as well as Kowloon and the outlying suburbs to satisfy every budget or luxury traveler.</p><h2>2024 UEFA EURO&nbsp;</h2><p>After the UEFA Champions League Champion trophy is awarded, European football fans will immediately focus their attention to the 2024 UEFA EURO kicking off June 14, 2024, culminating in the championship on July 14, 2024. Hosted in Germany, HotelCity.com will be your source of 2024&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/uefa-euro-2020" target="_blank">UEFA EURO 2020</a> hotel rooms&nbsp;and accommodations. With five-star suites in Berlin, to affordable accommodations in Munich, Hotel City has inventory for the group stage to the finals! Make your travel plans today! Hotels are ready for booking now!</p><h2>2024 Summer Games</h2><p>July 26 rhrough August 11 2024 are all about the https://olympics.com/en/olympic-games/paris-2024. The Olympics bring every country to compete for Gold in Paris for a month-long of incredible sports action. Paris hotel rooms and accommodations will be in high demand. An estimated 50,000 hotel rooms are reserved for the Olympic Committee, Olympic Teams, and Olympic sponsors. As these rooms become available, Hotel City will be updating inventory daily. Make your plans now to attend the Olympics; buy buying your tickets and airfare. Do not worry about finding accommodations for groups and individuals; trust Hotel City to have the best selection for you to enjoy your stay.</p><h2>2022 Conmebol Copa Sudamericana</h2><p>October 1, 2022, South American football action returns to Brazilia, Brazil, for the Copa Sudamericana final . Forty-four teams from the 10 CONMEBOL associations will qualify for the tournament, with the final championship being held in the beautiful city of Brazilia . Football fans will feel the rivalry and frenzy of the fans in Stadium&nbsp;<a href="https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estadio_Nacional_de_Brasilia_Man%C3%A9_Garrincha" style="font-size: 1rem;">Mane Garrincha</a></p><h2>2022 CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores Final</h2><p>October 29, 2022, all eyes will be back to&nbsp;&nbsp;Isidro Romero Carbo Monumental Stadium in Guayaquil, Ecuador for the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores Final https://copaamerica.com/en/&nbsp; , a region where football competitions are a daily part of life, hotels will be in high demand. From Five-star accommodations to afordable hotels its hotelcity.com for the best prices and tickets and more hotel options will be at your fingertips at hotelcity.com&nbsp;up until the day of the match.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;The winners of the 2022 Copa Sudamericana will earn the right to play against the winners of the 2022 Copa Libertadores in the 2023 Recopa Sudamericana. Be sure to check back with&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/" style="">HotelCity.com</a>&nbsp;or sign up for our alerts to book your rooms for the 2021 Recopa Sudamerica once dates and host city details have been determined and released by&nbsp;<a href="http://www.conmebol.com/" style="">CONMEBOL</a>.</p><h2>2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar</h2><p>Now is time to be thinking about the&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/2020-fifa-world-cup-qatar-hotels">2022 FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR</a>. Secure your World Cup accommodations as soon as possible! As of January 2021, it is being reported that the country of Qatar is short 50,000 hotel rooms for the expected number of attendees to the region for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Never before has the&nbsp;<a href="https://fifa.com/worldcup/">FIFA World Cup</a>&nbsp;been held in such a small country with the cities within driving distance of each other. Hotel City already has rooms and suites available for booking in every city. Do not wait to book your travel to the biggest football event in the world as millions of fans will be competing for a place to stay.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>With over 80 years of combined industry experience in the entertainment, sports hospitality, and secondary ticket marketplace, the staff of HotelCity brings relationships with premier worldwide sports organizations such as the&nbsp;<a href="https://www.nfl.com/">NFL</a>,&nbsp;<a href="https://www.mlb.com/">MLB</a>,&nbsp;<a href="https://www.nba.com/">NBA</a>,&nbsp;<a href="https://www.ncaa.com/">NCAA</a>,&nbsp;<a href="https://www.fifa.com/">FIFA</a>,&nbsp;<a href="https://www.uefa.com/">UEFA</a>, numerous teams and associations, bringing you a one of a kind secondary accommodations marketplace.&nbsp;</p><p>Sign up for our mailing list and stay informed!</p>
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