Air Charter

Group Air Charter Services

Ole Ole can assist with your group air charter to sports and special events around the globe. Ole Ole will provide options that meet your group air charter needs at a competitive price through our access to aircraft operators worldwide. Our relationships with premier charter services around the globe ensure that the aircraft and related airport services requested for your group charter program meet our high quality and safety standards. Our experience in helping group fan travel, sports teams, and organizations make us well-positioned to offer the best value to our clients. Larger group travel can be complicated, requiring careful planning and attention to detail. Place your trust in our decades of experience to make your group charter travel experience exceptional.

​Ole Ole staff will help you make sense of different aircraft and airline offerings, explain when a lower charter airline cost is the right choice, and when you need to look beyond price to understand the value offered by another charter choice. Our team at Ole Ole will provide you with several airline options for your particular travel needs. Our staff will walk you through each charter proposal so that you understand different price points, aircraft choices, and operator history. Ole Ole experts will also provide any airport operational concerns that may affect your flight.  

While price matters, other significant factors can affect your air charter experience, and Ole Ole will help you navigate your choices to make sure your group air charter is a success. We will help you understand the charter airline's operating and safety history, as well as their ability to minimize disruptions or respond to unforeseen events such as an aircraft mechanical problem or delay. Leverage our knowledge and experience to help you choose the best value option.

Benefits of Private Group Sports Air Charter:

  • Bypass the airport terminal and board directly from your group motor coaches
  • No baggage charges or name change fees
  • Eliminate unwanted connections
  • Tailor the transportation schedule around your event
  • In-flight enhancements such as personalized headrest cover, menus, and activities
  • Transport your group of 50 to 350 people on one aircraft
  • Everyone arrives at the same time
  • Charter transportation is private and secure
  • Operate into and out of airports not served by scheduled service

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